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Diablo Mark III Heavy Battle Tank by Raven-Gold Diablo Mark III Heavy Battle Tank by Raven-Gold
The Diablo MK.III was the most significant alteration to the 'Diablo' chassis.

Crew: 3 Driver. Gunner. Commander. Possible space for 4 passengers in the back.

Armour: Heavy NeuChrome, ceramic and polymer composites.

Armament: RG AT 2-56 80mm "Katana" main railgun. Coaxial 30mm Gatling cannon. 20mm automatic railgun turret. 40mm grenade launcher turret. 2x forward 10mm hull-mounted automatic railguns.

Weight: 78000kg

Drive: 14x electric wheel-hub motors powered by Depleted Uranium Batteries. 57 km/h

Other: Smoke Dischargers. ECM radar lock jammers. 3x "Umbrella of Light" point-defence laser pods. "Buckler" Ion beam disruptor.

Extra: NeuChrome Ablative armour skirting. Explosive Reactive protection package. Small turrets replaced with any suitable weapons.

The Mark III Diablo was developed in response to the Independence Coalition and their high technologies and tactics that were specifically formulated to counter existing doctrines that the Children of Humanity employed.

The turret hasn't been altered significantly apart from various subsystems such as the Point-Defence Laser array. The main changes came with the hull design. The armoured portions that traditionally surrounded the treads were cut away to provide the vehicle with better ground clearance for uneven terrain, and the frontal armour plates slanted back more to help provide better protection from Ion Cannon attacks.

The "Buckler" ion disruptor provides protection a layer of protection for ion cannon strikes which are usually deadly-effective against the low heat resistense of NeuChrome armour byt projecting a field that breaks the beam down to a wispy cloud of particles which just disperses in the atmosphere. The point-defence laser pods are also provide an even more effective umbrella over the tank then the old 'spitters' could.


I've lost count on how many times I've re-created my Diablo tanks, and the last time I tried making all four major variants in one go I got so sick of the project I swore I'd never do it again. Well, here we are again. This time with each and every detail on the vehicle to full proportional scale and the best detail work I think I've ever been able to muster.

This one's been given upgrades that feature few functional corrections I think the tank could use, though the old models still stand because those design features had their uses.

The original design concepts for the Diablo tanks comes from various sources including the German Leopard 2 tanks, Israeli Merkava, and the "Predator" tank from C&C3 Tiberium Wars.
donottailgate Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014
Stunning =)
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Sweet, plausible, cool ass tank!
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